Empowerment of rural women in the Mediterranean region. Rural women in three Mediterranean Countries.

18 11 2016


On November 18th, 2016 the Gemaisa project in Tunisia was concluded in the Odyssée Hotel in Zarzis. During the plenary session, Ali Bouaicha, the Regional Commissioner in Agricultural Development pronounced a word of welcome and introduced the parties who participated and collaborated for the smooth running of the project: Hamed Jliti, Manager of the Training Centre of Fishing in Zarzis , Narjes Hamrouni , Head of the Office of Support to the Rural Woman to the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources and Fishing, Federica Pesce , Representative of the Italian Agency for Cooperation in Development in Tunis and Silvia Barbatello, CIHEAM BARI coordinator of the program.

A video summing up the strong points of the program was played for the public by Nifel Mahjoub from the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) followed by a presentation of the course of pilot initiative by Souad Gharbi , central coordinator Gemaisa in Tunisia.
The women who benefited from the program were also present and talked about their experience with the project staff and how they dealt with different aspects of the trainings.
During this conference, the partnership protocol was agreed and signed by different governmental institutions, organizations from the civil society and the private sector to assure the continuity of the project and the prosperity of the Nejmet Tounes Space dedicated to rural women.
At the end of the event, rural women who benefited from the Gemaisa initiative in Tunisia received a participation certificate to the training sessions.