Empowerment of rural women in the Mediterranean region. Rural women in three Mediterranean Countries.

Mission :

GEMAISA is a network-program aimed at producing knowledge, data, tools, research and pilot practices to empower rural women in three Mediterranean Countries combining policy dialogues with institutions of rural development, technical assistance at local and central level, support to women’s agency for mainstreaming of their rights. The final aim is to create a new model of multidimensional empowerment of rural women in the Mediterranean region

The GEMAISA Pillars : 
  • Adopt a multi-dimensional concept of women’s empowerment based on human rights principles
  • Prioritize, support and promote women’s “agency” especially collective agency both as a goal and as a given existing set of behaviours and aspirations,
  • Search and face the ground reasons of women’s dis-empowerment (in specific contexts, asking more “whys?”)
  • Privilege a bottom up approach, grounded locally, but with strong links with the national authorities, to promote gender mainstreaming
  • Create spaces and places where women’s voices could be heard