Empowerment of rural women in the Mediterranean region. Rural women in three Mediterranean Countries.

A, Rural women in the three countries

  • Economic empowerment, gender, work and the labor market in rural areas of the three countries
  • Inclusion of the poorest
  • Land ownership, title deeds, inheritance legislations
  • Land use: what to grow, how, for whom
  • Access to markets
  • Households distribution of assets: gender unequal relations
  • Knowledge gaps, knowledge lost, knowledge for the future
  • The future of agricultural labor: young women
  • Women’s burden inside and outside of the household
  • Working together, associating in rural environment (cooperatives, consortiums, Social Solidarity Economy, etc.)
  • Violence
  • Voice

B, Policy and mainstreaming issues

  • Legislation  (family law, inheritance, gbv.)
  • Land tenure systems
  • Rules in private large investments
  • Inter institutional dialogues
  • Impact assessment
  • Gender budgeting
  • Regional links
  • Macroeconomic landscape monitored