Empowerment of rural women in the Mediterranean region. Rural women in three Mediterranean Countries.

GE.MA.I.SA programme is part of the activities already started by the Italian Cooperation to promote the role of women in rural development and food security actions.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030,  this programme is aimed at carrying out pilot actions to promote the role of women in rural development programmes in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia in order to foster gender mainstreaming capacity-building of  partner institutions.
In the three target countries, the project will contribute to ensure continuity and possible synergies with the programmes already started and funded by the Italian Cooperation and implemented by CIHEAM Bari.
 This platform consists in the main source of information as it provides indexation retrieval in all types of contents (text, audio, image, video, etc.) concerning the actions and the activities of the GE.MA.I.SA project in Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt.
Besides presenting the project, the main objectives of this platform will be documenting the activities (seminars, training sessions, workshops, etc.), publishing portraits of rural women, providing visitors with rich content and the latest news and events.

GEMAISA Project reinforced my self-confidence and helped me to create a network of important and varied relations, which opens to me new wider horizons. Now, I am waiting impatiently for the delivery of the cattle so that I can start a new phase in my life…

Nour Ettaieb
26 years old, Tunisia
GEMAISA project allowed me to learn more and acquire new skills in various areas, particularly, women rights. I am convinced about what I am doing within the Project; it is crucial that women should have their personal income to acquire financial independence, and to help support their families. My ambition is to have a stable and durable project in raising cattle that could be beneficial to my family and myself.

Rahma KAKI
31 years old, Tunisia
The Project was very beneficial to me particularly relating to the training I took about women rights and social security. I have great ambitions because women are determined to act and change things. Women should get out of the confined space granted to them within the family and should try many things. Courage and initiative alone can change women situation and conditions.

Om Essaad AL HAMDI
35 years old, Tunisia
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